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What does work life balance mean?

'Work Life Balance is about people having a measure of control over when, where and how they work. It is achieved when an individual's right to a fulfilled life inside and outside paid work is accepted and respected as the norm, to the mutual benefit of the individual, business and society' 

- The Work Foundation


What packages are available?

I usually use a combination of therapies during any one session - unless we are addressing an issue that requires a particular form of treatment or if the recipient requests a particular form. Treatments usually last 1 hour, however, 30 minute Shiatsu sessions are also available and are very beneficial and effective for the recipient. The recipient stays fully clothed for all treatments


Option 1

Your organisation supports and promotes the opportunity for treatments and a room is made available on a particular day of the week for treatments lasting 30 or 60 minutes and quite simply, the employee pays for their treatment at a discounted rate. I prefer employees to have line management support as their 'slot' may fall outside 'standard' lunch hours.


Option 2

As per option 1, a room is made available and the treatments are part subsidised by the employer.


Option 3

As per options 1 and 2 but the treatments are fully subsidised by the employer.

There would need to be a minimum of 4 hours worth of treatment, either four 60 minute sessions or a

combination of 60 and 30 minute sessions, for me to visit the offices.


Group sessions available for using NLP/CBT/EFT for motivation, confidence, presentation anxiety,

stress management and so on.



West Sussex


+44 (0)7970 084291

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